I Want To Be – Family Game of Wonder and Amusement

“I Want to Be” is a family card game of collecting career cards and abilities.

Players ask for Career Cards from other players to complete their Ability Groups. However, players need to ask for the right card from the right player.

There are 112 wondrous Career Cards grouped into 28 abilities.

3 special Power cards – AttractRepulse and Super Sorry – and forgetting to say a “Thank You” can make or break the game.

Make your memory count and complete the maximum ability groups to be declared winner.


  1. 112 Career Cards, 3 Power Cards and Rulebook. 
  2. For 3+ number of players. 
  3. Suitable for 14 years and above. Flexible playing time of 30 minutes to 1.5 hours.
  4. Made in Bharat (India).

With numerous twists along the way this game promises hilarity and is sure to bring the house down.

Watch the video of “I Want To Be – Family Game of Wonder and Amusement”

How to Play Video:

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